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We know our readers will come up with questions from time to time about how to use this website. That’s what this page is all about. We’ll do our best to answer your questions within 24 hours. Here are some hints to help us get back to you as soon as possible:

  • To understand what our goals are for this website, please read “Introducing Watchtower Watch” written by John Cedars.
  • Please do not ask questions about specific blog articles. Enter those questions in the Comments section at the end of each post. Someone will respond there and you can also arrange to have your answers emailed to you.
  • Please ask only general and technical questions here. Examples: Why we won’t publish certain articles? Or, how you use one of the new features found on this site?
  • Use the form on the Contact Us page. That is quick, efficient, and goes directly to the Editor/Webmaster. He will answer on this page, email the answer back to you, or both.

We look forward to your visits, questions, and comments. Our goal is to offer an interesting, informative, and educational site for anyone interested in the Watchtower Society, its Governing Body, and Jehovah’s Witnesses around the world.

Please submit questions by emailing the editor or use the automated form on the Contact Us page.

Q? – Why is this website called Watchtower Watch?

Because we primarily focus on issues relating to the Watchtower Society, its publications, and its adherents known as Jehovah’s Witnesses. While we may include stories that are not specific to Jehovah’s Witnesses, their beliefs, or culture, there will always be some relationship or other connection to them – even if somewhat remote.

Q? – I am having difficulty reading your website on my computer. Can you change the size of the text?

We have chosen easy to read type styles and sized them to work best with modern Internet browsers. If you have an older computer with a small screen, this may be the time for you to upgrade to something more modern. We’ve tested this site with IE 7-9, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari (Mac). The page will typically resize automatically to fit your monitor screen, but some older systems do not allow that.

We have also optimized the site to work with SmartPhones (Droid, Samsung, etc.), iPhone, iPads, and e-readers. You can see the site as it appears on your computer or you can choose a format optimized for cell phones. There is a choice at the bottom of the home page that will let you switch back and forth with just a click.

If the site is either too small or too large for your monitor, most browsers will let you adjust the size of the screen or the text by simply holding down the control key [Cntrl] and then tap on either the + (plus) or – (minus) keys until the text is at its ideal size and easy to read.

Most modern computer screens will automatically adjust the text size based on your past usage and settings for other websites. Some will remember your last settings. You can also go into Settings or Tools on most browsers and change the “View” settings for each browser type. For wide screen monitors you may want to select a 110 or 125% setting for this site.

Q? – How can we tell if an article or video might have obscenities, nudity, or other adult content?

We will never include any X-rated material in our posts or pages. This site is intended for a wide audience that includes adults and children over 12. We leave it to parents to decide if younger children should visit this website.

Some YouTube and Vimeo videos often have some cursing or other raw language – and perhaps even some rare partial nudity within the graphics.  If a video is ON TOPIC and we feel that it is useful to document an event, provide more support or debate on a particular idea, or add insight or meaningful discussion on a controversial subject – then we may choose to use it on this site or link to it. If a video or other media simply uses “rough” or clearly adult language, the Editor will mark it as being “R rated.”

The same applies to nudity, obscene gestures, or graphic violence. In those cases we will mark the video or media as “R rated”  – [nudity, profanity, extreme violence, criminal acts] to warn away any who might be offended.

YouTube, Vimeo, and other online media sources have published and clearly defined policies that prohibit most “Rated X” material. That will generally be our policy. If we choose to provide media that we feel our audience should have access but is clearly “over the top,” we will always give fair warning in bold text and a full description.

Q? – How can I submit an article to this website? What are your submission guidelines?

We appreciate reader article submissions. If you look at the articles we’ve already published, you will see that about half are written by contributors. On occasion, the editor will see a well-written post on a public forum or see an excellent article published on another blog or website that he feels would fit well with the goals of this site.  If your article is in that category, the editor will contact you via email and ask for your permission to either reprint your original post or adapt all or parts of it.

If you would like to submit an article, please send an email to and put “Article Submission” in the subject line. Briefly explain the objective and substance of your submission – or simply attach a text version of your article to the email. The editor will get back to you within a day or two and let you know if it fits our guidelines. If it does not, but the editor feels that your article can be edited to meet guidelines, he will describe exactly what changes can be made to make it work.

The editor reserves the right to do his job and edit your article for spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Any major editorial changes will be submitted for your approval before publication.

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