"Are you kidding me?"

And Now, a Word from Our Sponsor

Let’s face it – without The Watchtower magazine this website would not be online. It would have no purpose. It would have absolutely no reason to exist. So thank you, Watchtower, for being who you are – so that we can be who we are!

We love those tiny little 16-page monthlies. The best thing that ever happened for us was the new JW.org going live last August. We live for the next issue of the Watchtower and Awake! magazines (and especially those wonderful PDF downloads). In fact, some of us can’t sleep at night without a Watchtower to read before bed. Some of our contributors simply can’t wait and have found a way to get copies in advance of their public release (see “New Light Watchtower…”). Since the magazines are dated three months in advance, it’s almost like getting the daily New York Times weeks before its front-page news actually happens. Continue reading

Naked Truth

The Naked Truth

I first envisioned this website as an “eye-opener” for those who stopped by to read its articles. By trying to imagine who would make up both my “target audience” and “my expected or likely audience,” I set about designing a site that could appeal to both groups – and maybe even a few occasional visitors who just happened to stumble in to “sneak a peek.”

Before I began the technical work on WatchtowerWatch.com, I sat down and came up with a phrase that I felt would define my objective for this site in ten words or less:

A website that brazenly exposes “The truth about The Truth™”

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