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The facts are clear. Being a Jehovah’s Witness is not fun. The Watchtower offers nothing to its members. There is no joy in their Kingdom Halls. Preaching door to door has become passe, not to mention being nerve-wracking drudgery.

There really isn’t anything for young JWs to do and their pool of friends is often quite small. They can not look forward to birthdays or holidays, engaging in school sports, clubs, or other after school activities. Instead of getting a college education, they need to learn to become janitors and window washers. Having “wordly friends” like kids at school or in those living their neighborhood is discouraged – and by some JW parents, strictly forbidden.

Jehovah’s Witnesses are always on the lookout for “bad influences” – constantly on guard against anyone who might be “an apostate” or an expelled JW that must be “shunned.” Witnesses can not have deep theological discussions even between themselves, because they might venture into “apostasy” or generate self-doubt about their beliefs as they actually do honest research.

They have to shun others, even their closest friends and family members who have been identified by the elders as “apostates,” “unworthy,” or “sinful persons.” They have to shun even those who committed no sin, but may have asked too many questions, or expressed doubt about certain Watchtower doctrines or policy. They have to be wary of being too honest about their feelings, or questioning the elders about confusing Bible passages and outdated teachings in the organization’s literature – or else they could find themselves shunned and ignored – forced to be separated from family and friends.

choice3Jehovah’s Witnesses are alway seen as “being different.” You have to wear a suit and tie when you go to the Kingdom Hall or field service – even on the hottest and most uncomfortable days. In the winter, sisters are not allowed to wear long slacks and many feel they must wear “heels” even in the worst weather. The brothers are expected to wear long sleeves and ties to conventions being held in sports arenas and ballparks. Somehow skirts for women, and ties for men, are thought to make the public think JWs are “more Christian,” and “setting a good example to glorify Jehovah.”

Really? The public, for the most part, just thinks JWs are nuts – wackos dressing like that when temperatures are extreme in either direction.

JW “dating” is a farce. To find a spouse you are limited to just those from the opposite sex (even if you are gay) who are Jehovah’s Witnesses (or about to be baptized). Right off – your options and choices are limited. It is considered bad form to travel and attend other Kingdom Halls just to find someone to date. If the only teenagers in your hall are all under 16, you are doomed. Dating a non-JW could find you called before a Judicial Committee for a stern talking to and warning. If you are planning on engaging in some heavy “necking” and maybe eventually get your hand near a breast or a crotch, you’d better be ready to get married. Some young JWs can not even date without adult chaperones. What? That went out of style in the 19th Century! Dating as a JW is always about finding a marriage mate, not just for fun and recreation. You better be prepared to plan your wedding day the first time you stick your tongue in someone’s mouth.

Let me repeat my opening statement: Being a Jehovah’s Witness is not fun!

You’re expected to attend two meetings a week and go in “field service” for at least two to three hours on Saturday mornings. You may “qualify” to watch over a literature stand set up in front of a Wal-Mart store, a train station, or a busy intersection. On the other hand, you may spend your afternoon sitting in the sun, watching over a folding card table covered with Watchtower and Awake! magazines while watching Little Leaguers play nearby in an organized baseball game – something you were not allowed to do.

How fun!?! The fact that no one is interested or bothers to come and take your literature is not important – you are still engaged in “the worldwide preaching work.” (And you get to count your hours!)

Oh, and your summer vacations? You don’t have to worry about making plans – they’ve been made for you: You are going to a distant large city to attend a district, regional or “International” convention. You get to stay in discounted hotel rooms (they’d be nicer and cheaper through Orbitz or Travelocity), take sack lunches to the stadium or convention hall, and then sit through 6 to 8 hours of mind-numbing talks and pre-recorded stage plays with talentless JW actors wearing awful costumes and fake beards. But after all, you’ve been told that Jehovah will be pleased that you made it – even if you are bored or miserable the whole time you are there.

Recently a former JW elder contacted me and shared his personal experiences and opinions. During our conversation he estimated, based on his knowledge of several congregations in his area, that fully 25% of the Jehovah’s Witnesses he knew “would leave it all behind immediately” if the Watchtower’s shunning policy was eliminated.

“If that 25% was to leave, and could do so without repercussions to their families, then another 25% would soon join them. You’d see Kingdom Halls populated by mostly older JWs who stay only because they feel that they’ve been in the organization too long to ever leave. There would be a few that would stay because they enjoy the power and prestige of being elders or ministerial servants – but even most current elders would get out as soon as they could. Being an elder is not easy – or fun. But, I’m sorry to admit, there are a number of JWs who are clearly ‘true believers,’ simply too stupid to see that 90% of what the Watchtower teaches is made up bullshit – a combination of fairy tales, man-made rules and regulations, and lesson materials full of historic and scientific errors – and yes, even outright lies. Let’s face it – most Kingdom Halls would be almost empty if the Watchtower ever changed its shunning policies – and they know it.

So I have to ask you to be honest and answer the following questions:

  • Do you really want to sit through two nights of mind-numbing meetings going over material you’ve already read and studied on your own?
  • Do you really want to go knocking on strangers’ doors, or spend your morning driving around in circles so you don’t have to actually “knock on strangers’ doors”?
  • Do you really want to spend your holiday weekends sitting in a sports arena or hot stadium listening to a bunch of self-important brothers reading prepared talks in the same boring cadence, one right after the other, for 3 to 4 hours at a time?
  • If you are single, wouldn’t you want to romance your own dates, and get to know them better on your own terms, before committing to marriage?
  • Do you really want to commit your family to a monthly “tithe” to support “the world-wide preaching work” – when actually that money will go to a tax-free corporation that has millions, if not billions of dollars stashed away, even more millions invested in hedge funds, and spending more millions to buy more properties world-wide?
  • Don’t you have a better use of your time and money?

And here is the ringer – and I really want you to consider your answer carefully:

  • Do you really believe that the Watchtower and the Governing Body truly speak to and for Jehovah? Really? Be honest. Really?
  • Or do you think the Watchtower is just a huge and historic scam?

If you are now a Jehovah’s Witness, are you one of those first 25% that would walk tomorrow if they could? Or are you part of the second 25% that the elder that I quoted earlier in this article estimated would leave soon thereafter, given the chance, and seeing the backsides of the first 25% going out the door?

There will always be a certain percentage of both current – and yes, even former JWs that will act as apologists for the Watchtower Society – no matter what they do or how ridiculous they might be. That’s fine. Leave them behind. Let them suffer on – but really, you don’t have to stay.

There really is “life after the Watchtower.” I know it, and thousands of other former Jehovah’s Witnesses know it as well. Don’t be afraid to join the coming stampede of thousands that are now, and soon will be, leaving the Watchtower.

So – Why are you still a Jehovah’s Witness?



  1. 7-15-2014

    Well done. And i thought Baptists were strange.

  2. 7-18-2014

    I’m an atheist, but do you honestly believe this will convert anybody? It just proves how unloving “apostates” can be. It’s way too arrogant and obnoxious, and you should be ashamed of yourself. You are an embarrassment to those honestly trying to help people out.

    • 7-26-2015

      who said anything about conversion…on the contrary, telling persons the unadulterated truth in regards to a dangerous (emotionally/physically) group shows quite the opposite. You should be ashamed of yourself for being such an apologist and coward.

      • 7-26-2015

        It’s nothing about cowardliness, you catch more bees with honey than vinegar. Deconverting should be the goal, it’s the loving thing to do. You can be bitter all you want, but it doesn’t help others. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

        • 9-19-2015

          I don’t know Garbonzo…I think it’s not about conversion….I think it’s more about revealing the facts. I think your view point is skewed since you led a double life. nothing wrong with that.

          • 9-19-2015

            I’ll be fair…Garbonzo…I am like a snaping turtle.

            If you choose…to respond while being a former JW…and NOW…a former BETHELITE (Omg hahahh ) and yet a atheist?..I will bite down hard..SUPER HARD!

            I am licking my chops… YOU…a former JW…and NOW a an atheist…another JW success story.

            Go ahead…comment.

          • 10-12-2015

            I agree with Bob here….

            Witnesses are taught to “fight the good fight” and if they can’t have solid backup to prove their side, then that’s exactly why they are on a site like this one. The moment a “witness” ventures on to one of these forums, they are no longer a “witness”. We should never be embarrassed about how strongly we feel about something and how we express it. It’s the Witness that’s embarrassed to be honest about their doubts. To doubt is expected, but to personally search for fuel, they have internally made up their minds. They just fear of the long learned consequences of being alone, of being rejected, of being judged and ousted. The moment they found themselves reading on these sights, they no longer cared how “God” would judge them. It’s all about if they feel they are strong enough to follow through despite the shunning from all their friends and family. Ask a visiting witness if they will go back to one of their elders and let them know they’ve visited these sites and if the elders can answer a few of their questions. I can almost recite word for word how an elder will respond to such a “doubter”. Sure, they show this so called love, but all to keep them as a congregational member. Never will an elder respect a doubting adult and tell them to research enough information so they can make up their own mind as to what is true or not. It’s a horrible thing to think for one self. It’s a horrible thing to have true free will in the full sense of the term.

            If I had a friend, that asked me for advice, and they chose to go a different route, despite the consequences, it doesn’t mean that I oust my friend. It means that she gets to choose her path even though she searched out different opinions. Yes, a very simpleton type of example. But we are all adults. We are all individuals. We get to choose. And just because I choose to no longer be under the fear of a god that will take my life away unless I did a,b or c, doesn’t make me a bad person. Doesn’t mean I’m provocative, or doing drugs or breaking the law. Witnesses that deep down feel the suffocation of the organization need to know that they have to just “man up” (I really hate that term), and deal with the consequences. That life is about losing people and moving on and making friendships that coincide with your life. That keeping family or friends through fear or pressure does NOT bring TRUE happiness. No need to “sugar” our words or “season them with salt”. If a governing body member can accuse brothers of not being spiritual unless they are an MS before the age of 25, and showed no concern with calling out the sisters for wearing leggings to the gym as being provocative, and hating on brothers socks or the narrowness of their suit pants as being homosexual, then believe me, being apologetic is OFF THE TABLE.

            And I really hate the term apostate. I refuse to be considered as anything except for myself. I am not speaking against an organization. They can keep their beliefs and lead their lives as they wish. I get to do the same. We all do. And no apologies or judgement on to anyone who does.

  3. The Editor

    Garbonzo – I’m not trying to convert anyone. Where do you see anything in this article that I am trying to convert someone to another religion or even atheism or agnosticism. I am simply reporting on a situation that many other former JWs and their families have noted. More JWs who are under 25 are leaving than staying. That is a fact that is clear in almost every Kingdom Hall. There are a lot of small children under 15 and the rest are mostly over 30. Take the test yourself and go visit a couple of Kingdom Halls in your area – they’d love to have you – and then take a look at those populating the seats. There will be a few high school age kids there because they are still living with their parents, but you will probably notice that after that group the average age really jumps.

    This article is only pointing out a trend that has been building since the late 1990s. When the “Generations” prophecy turned out to be a total bust, and when men who were born in the late 1940s to early 1970s began finding their way to Governing Body assignments (“…none after 1935!” – Fred Franz), many in the 18-30 age group started finding their way out, and that rush continues and is growing.

    This is a trend seen not only among Jehovah’s Witnesses, but also Mormons, Mennonites, Amish, Seventh Day Adventists, and even pentecostal sects. How long do you expect young people (who now have the Internet available to them 24 hours a day and “Cosmos” on TV) to continue to want to sit through meetings and church services where they are told that Noah loaded dinosaurs on the Ark, that snakes really talk, and that humans can have sex with angels?

    And by the way, not that this makes any difference to your argument, but most of the so-called “apostates” I’ve met, even briefly, have been a lot more loving, accepting, and supportive than most Jehovah’s Witnesses. As the article points out, if the Watchtower ever changed or removed their shunning rules that they first implemented in the early 1950s (after denouncing the Catholic Church for practicing “excommunication” in the late 1940s), there is no doubt that you would see a mass exodus from Kingdom Halls in just a matter of months.

    • 7-19-2014

      “I’m not trying to convert anyone.”

      The title and last sentence of this article would disagree.

      “And by the way, not that this makes any difference to your argument, but most of the so-called “apostates” I’ve met, even briefly, have been a lot more loving, accepting, and supportive than most Jehovah’s Witnesses.”

      This wouldn’t hold true for the JWs that have stubbled across this article, that perhaps had an open mind for a few minutes, but the tone of the article closed it right back up. You have to be delicate with brainwashing cases like these. (for instance, I would never say “brainwashing” in an article, but since it is the comments, I realize there will probably be no JWs here)

      • The Editor

        Garbonzo – Thank you for your well-meaning (I’m sure) advice. However, the tone of the article was set specifically to get Jehovah’s Witnesses to stop and rethink their position and get them to make a move for their own good. To another religion? Of course not!

        Over the years I have received dozens, if not hundreds, of emails and letters from former JWs who were either on the fence about leaving, had recently left, or had been out for several years. Very few ever considered going back. Those who had considered returning to the JW organization were not doing so because they believed the teachings or loved sitting in Kingdom Halls on twice a week. Their only consideration was their family who they had left behind and were now shunning them.

        And that is the real point of the article. There are no bars, no electrified fences, no threat of gestapo coming to your door to arrest or kill you if you don’t return to the JWs or are trying to escape.

        The only thing keeping many JWs in the religion is their extreme shunning policy – a policy that the Watchtower did not enforce until the 1950s, but just years earlier described as unchristian. In fact it was the Catholic Church’s excommunication practice that the Watchtower described in the late 1940s as “inhumane and unconscionable with no biblical support.” It’s only wrong if the Catholics do it – but not when the Mormons, Mennonites or Jehovah’s Witnesses do it.

        • 3-2-2015

          I’m a former Patterson bethelite who was sent home for “wrongdoing”.I was also deleted as a ministerial servant, put on reproof and wrongly disfellowshipped by this so-called “forgiving” religion by those so-called “sheperds”. I even lied my way back in so I could be with my family, but even being a liar myself and fed up with this religion, I know this article is full of crap. I was raised as a witness and there was never a dull moment.

          In bethel all we did was go to music concerts, salsa dancing parties, picnics, video game parties, sleep overs, and etc. There’s also very few bethelites who haven’t been to at least 2 differenr foreign countries .Before bethel thats what young witnesses even did.

          How much money do you think we’d be spending if we had to celebrate the birthday of every single person in the Kingdom Hall? Who wants to do that?

          When I was in my 5th year of regular pioneering, while seeking a wife I’d visit different halls all the time, even visit circuit assemblies, or regional (formerly district) conventions to look for a mate.That is not frowned upon at all. I mean where did you get that foolishness that you can only marry someone at your own hall.
          And you are allowed to kiss once you decide you’re getting married. And if you like members of the same sex, you have no businees being a witness anyway.

          I was even in the drama once wearing my “fake” beard. We had to take time out our personal schedules every week to practice for it, but I have to tell you the experience was freaking awesome and stupendously fun.

          Do I believe in all that 1914/CharlesTaze Russell crap now? NO.

          BUT, when they say apostates are liars they must mean this crap you just wrote.

          • 5-30-2015

            John: you describe the relatively free wheeling life of a”bethelite.” I was a fourth generation JW that grew up in many parts of the country and went to many different kingdom halls. What you describe is not the average life of a young person in the “Hinterland.” This going to foreign countries, riding the circuit to hunt a marriage mate, etc… were all because “bethelites” and regular pioneers were practically worshiped in the congregations. Your group were the elitists in a very hierarchical system so it doesn’t surprise me that your experiences were different. But I can tell you one thing: the roving bands of 3-4 bethelite men or regular pioneers at a time that felt entitled to swoop into congregations to select a mate got very old and very unappreciated by the plebes at the bottom rung. And by the way, I would be willing to bet that your father was an elder. They were about the only ones that had the career arc in that organization that you describe.

      • 7-3-2015

        I served as an elder for years, faded due to double standards of BOE. I was given more love and affection by those so called worldlings and apostates in a moment than 20 years a slave of the ORG.

        • 8-28-2015

          That’s because in the real world people accept you for who you are and not for how you please them. The ministry is considered a cult for a reason

      • 9-19-2015

        My real life JW family is not having any kids…because they are waiting for the NEW ORDER….GET IT…. GARBONZZO…or Gar BOZZO…you GOOF!

        Jesus…said…Lawlessness. No wonder you’re ATHEIST you Bethilite!

        My family is heading for EXTINCTION …you GOOF…!

        • 10-15-2015

          I’d like to apologize to Garbonzo for my abrasiveness.

          Let me share one more POV that explains some of my frustrations that is never really shared, to my knowledge, by any EX-Witnesses.

          And that is once you LEAVE…without trying to cause a fuss…not trying to destroy anyone in the family’s faith in what in truth, is just made up hokum… they SHUN YOU! no surprise…even when you’re not disfellowshipped….cause you are now labeled….you are a lover of the system….spiritually weak…mentally ill…a BAD association…an apostate.

          When I left many moons ago….I was single…not bragging but want to make a point… I am 6’2″, muscular, blonde, blue-eyed, don’t swear, smoke or ever used drugs, and hard to believe here since I have been so volatile at garbonzo…I have a witty and playful, joyful sense of humor. 140 I.Q. and successful in business.

          hubba hubba…Sounds great….doesn’t it? hahha just trying to say….I am not hunchback ringing a tower bell.

          So when I left…it was no problem in finding very attractive….loving….”WORLDLY” female relationships.

          Can I tell you I enjoyed being invited to meet these WORLDLY women’s parents….and family…FUN….they didn’t give a hoot about me being a Martian…or EVEN a ex-JW.haha They cared about THEIR daughter and how she was being treated. PERIOD.

          Every time….it was WONDERFUL!

          HOWEVER….when it came to meeting MY PARENTS and FAMILY their a ABNORMAL….GORILLA in the room.

          These…nice, wholesome, attractive WORLDLY women….would figure out there was something STRANGE going on when they never could meet my judging , shunning parents. Basically…after a couple of years into each of these relationships…the girls would finally give me a heart breaking HEAVE HO.

          They….justifiably …could not picture a serious future….with such an ABNORMAL….WEIRD …JW judging family. It would have been better if my parents had died in a plane crash before I had given my heart to any of these wonderful WORLDLY girls.

          Fortunately…found love…with you guessed it…anon DF-ed ex-JW who is also being shunned by her family. She is the only one who could possibly understand this crazy stuff. Now we don’t care.

          These people are LAWLESS…and NEED to be stopped.

          One last comment….in regards to Garbonzo’s atheism. I think Sir Isaac Newton said it best…and his credentials to say so are beyond question….he said:

          “Atheism is so senseless and odious to mankind that it never had many professors”

          • 10-15-2015

            Sorry, I don’t really understand your point against what I was saying, “You get more flies with honey than vinegar.” On your point about atheism, what would Sir Isaac Newton think now that you can find few professors that aren’t atheists? Did you know he believed that worship of Christ was a form of idolatry? And that all mainstream branches of Christianity would have considered his beliefs to be heretical? So if you think he had top credentials, I hope you believe everything else he believed also, you can’t pick and choose. Exactly what credentials did Newton have with regard to this statement anyway? Everyone had to say these things back then anyhow, they murdered Galileo because he dared question the Church.

          • 10-16-2015

            I think he is VERY credible..however…Good point.

            Relative to JW’s of today….in regards to the Black Plague apocalyptic cults of his day he wrote in 1704 in which he describes his attempts to extract scientific information from the Bible, he estimated that the world would end no earlier than 2060. In predicting this he said, “This I mention not to assert when the time of the end shall be, but to put a stop to the rash conjectures of fanciful men who are frequently predicting the time of the end, and by doing so bring the sacred prophesies into discredit as often as their predictions fail.”

            I don’t know about 2060 (i think he was being facetious SO PEOPLE WOULD GET ON WITH THEIR LIVES …so I kind of like this one. haha

            As science from Galileo’s time on has progressed with taking in the ACCURATE knowledge of the Universe….or God… most scientists have been humbled and recognize there is an underlining conscious that you and I both have access to…that runs it.

            The universe IS consciousness.

            If Jehovah’s Witnesses would allow themselves to be the Bible Students they haughtily claim to be…they’d find themselves in what scholars call an “Apocalyptic Trap” inspired from the misuse of the book of Revelation.

            Without elaborating…They secret of the book of Revelation is really found out in the very first few verses….it was never about OUR day ….or any OTHER day….it was about the writer of Revelation’s and Jesus day only.

          • 10-17-2015

            First of all, I’d like you to define the concept of “atheism”. Then just a thought I’ve always kept in my mind: there are more than 5000 GODS known to human kind, what makes yours right above all else?

            You say he is credible but you can’t, apparently, say *why* he’s credible.

            As has been pointed out, on this particular subject he has no credentials that make him any more credible than anyone else.

            Back in Newton’s time, the word “atheist” didn’t even necessarily mean somebody who didn’t believe in God. To not believe in God at all was practically unthinkable. Atheism was more about not following the “right” religion.

            Newton probably never met anybody who called himself an atheist.

            What makes you think that Isaac Newton was qualified to pontificate on the subject of religion? Creative intelligence in the area of mathematics and physics doesn’t qualify him to do so. In my opinion, Newton was just another layman regarding the subject of religion, very poorly educated in the subject by today’s standards. Along with virtually all Europeans of his time, he knew next to nothing about the age-old religious traditions of India and China, and probably would have sneeringly dismissed them as ‘heathenism’. To Newton, religion meant the Christian Bible along with perhaps a grudging acknowledgement of the odious existence of Judaism and Islam.

            Making bold statements is not a sign of intelligence. Producing good justifications for one’s statements is. Newton’s opinions have no special credibility just because they were Newton’s opinions. Their plausibility stands or falls with whatever reasons he might have had for saying what he did.

            In Newton’s time, atheism wasn’t widely espoused in public. It may have been more common among intellectuals in private. (Something stimulated Newton to denounce it.) It was an age when people being put to death for failure to conform to state religions was still a living memory, so people watched what they said.

            Atheism probably wasn’t widespread in the late 17th century even in secret. The prevalent form of intellectual disbelief, which was spreading in Newton’s time, was a loosely defined species of free-thinking that we call ‘deism’. Deism is characterized by skepticism about revealed theology (things like the Bible and church traditions) but continued acceptance of natural theology (things like first-cause arguments and most notably, the design argument). In Newton’s time, the design argument seemed to be obvious and undeniable.

            Newton spent most of his time studying alchemy, his math genius was secondary. Not many professors of alchemy around I see. Using his own logic (few professors) we can see that Newton must have been senseless (re Alchemy). Hardly great credentials beyond question.

            The label of atheism is problematic in that even today it is interpreted differently by many groups and has certainly changed in meaning over the centuries. Even on these forums the term is still frequently misunderstood and often results in yet again a refresh of what it perhaps should/does mean.

            I like the more recent emerging attitude towards religion, especially by millennials – when asked their religious beliefs the increasingly frequent answer is – NONE. Some 30% of Americans are now classed as NONEs, and the number is rising. The label of atheism is now more often seen as an activist position opposing religion, whereas NONE implies indifference to religion or simply that religion has no importance. And the label of agnosticism is also seen as more like a position of indecision, a sitting on the fence having considered the issues but cannot decide – a position that NONEs do not adhere.

            This week a church group in the US, including the parents, beat a boy to death as part of a process for him to admit his sins. And many terrorists around the world profoundly profess religion as their guide as they kill innocent people – these actions are clearly so senseless and odious to mankind, AND such actions have many professors. Atheism in contrast appears more like the innocent victim.

            Newton spent most of his time figuring out when the world will end based on the dimensions of a temple in the Bible. The jury is out on whether Newton was …um …deranged, so his speculations in this area where he may have been haunted by guilt are not nearly cut from the same cloth as the brilliant mind that invented calculus to solve the cause of Kepler’s Laws (planets follow elliptical orbits, sweeping arcs of equal area in equal time). Or, if you prefer, only such a brilliant mind is capable of formulating this conclusion, given the hopeless fallacy upon which religion is premised (myth and superstition form the basis of something logical). Of course Newton had no idea that the planets were set in motion by the energy of the supernova remnant which formed our stellar accretion disk, and looked to the same superstition and myth as the source of that energy. Further, most of the present day artifacts which link Judeo-Christian superstition and myth to predecessor myths (Egyptian, Levantine and Mesopotamian animism and polytheism) had not been discovered. Newton would have reacted strongly to such evidence and forced his beautiful mind to assimilate all the evidence.

            As I recall Newton did not publish either his alchemical or theological notes. He did publish all of his math and science writings used in teaching, in particular, because it was required by academic policy at Cambridge.

            Further, the unpublished writings of anyone should be considered drafts, subject to unlimited redaction.

            Also, in the event Newton was gay, it is possible he deliberately prepared some of this material, ostensibly to defend himself in the event of an inquisitor’s indictments against him as someone possessed by a demon, a charge exacerbated by any strange behaviors observed in him in the event of episodes of insanity.

            Most scientists “recognise” there’s an underlining consciousness? I think you’ll find that’s wishful thinking on your part. Why do you think that the universe is consciousness? Unsupported speculation.

            Looking forward to your reply. =)

          • 10-18-2015

            A response you shall get…really….more like a question.

            So…Garbonzo…based on your written thoughts……If these thoughts are really ATHEISTIC.,,,whose credentials do YOU prescribe to?

            Garbonzo..My friend…Like me….you are anti-ORGANIZED-religion…anti-BIBLICAL-myth-CONTROLLING-men-religion.

            Just as i thought about you.

            The Creator of this (your) Universe…IS….sitting in front of your computer… typing a response to me.

  4. 10-8-2014

    Hello Juan Viejo,

    Excellent article! Well said! I have spoken to many people over the years myself and made many of the same points you have.

    I am also a former elder. I was an elder during the 10 year decade of the 1990’s. I was born into the organization also.

    Your points about the 1990’s which began this modern-day exodus is right on target. I myself walked away at the end of the 1990’s after my own personal battle with most of the then so-called “governing body” members. Of course, most of that group are now dead.

    Oh, but your article is right on point! Excellent job! Perfect description of what’s going on within the watchtower congregations. I know for a fact that the only thing keeping many still there is the shunning policy. You are right on target when you said that without that many would just walk away.
    I hope to speak with you one of these days. keep up the good work. I’m from the Jamaica Queens NY area. I walked away from the watchtower scam 15 years ago and never looked back. So glad I left!

  5. 1-10-2015

    I am the first 25% been a jw for almost 40 years today iam ashame to be a jw my son who is a elder would call committ on me it he find this comment

  6. 6-24-2015

    I agree with the general tone & content of the original article. I was a JW till just a few months ago – over 60 years ! I was fortunate to find my soul mate when I was just 19 years of age, got married at 20 and we have been happily married for 42 years. I served as an elder and travelling speaker. I tried to be balanced with my children so we were more liberal than most. Still none of my children or grandchildren are witnesses, which made an exit easier for us than most.
    We have said many times that if reporting hours was not mandatory then virtually no door to door witnessing would be done at all !
    Likewise we agree that if shunning was removed at good number would leave.
    What caused us to see the light?
    The overlapping generations teaching a few years ago got me started on research. This included trying to explain how to arrive at 1914, which I could not do from the Bible.
    Then the changes to parables, the baptism vow, and continual worshipping of “The Organization” with the obvious anomalies of the GB & Faithful Slave being servants who demand obedience to every silly edict, no matter how unscriptural it might be.
    The whole thing became so obviously wrong that we both decided to fade out – which we have been able to do. It was amazing how really close friends just cut us off, but we were ready for that lack of love and feel no malice due to understanding how they were programmed.
    Final straw was seeing Stephen Lett make an ass of himself on JW broadcasting – a real TV evangelist on a fundraising mission if ever I saw one !
    We are Free and feel like a huge weight has been lifted from our shoulders – many more are sure to follow us, especially once the media really exposed the hypocrisy, pedophiles, real estate deals, stocks & shares etc… It is just the tip of a huge iceberg of embarrassment.

    • 10-15-2015

      Sorry, I don’t really understand your point against what I was saying, “You get more flies with honey than vinegar.” On your point about atheism, what would Sir Isaac Newton think now that you can find few professors that aren’t atheists? Did you know he believed that worship of Christ was a form of idolatry? And that all mainstream branches of Christianity would have considered his beliefs to be heretical? So if you think he had top credentials, I hope you believe everything else he believed also, you can’t pick and choose. Exactly what credentials did Newton have with regard to this statement anyway? Everyone had to say these things back then anyhow, they murdered Galileo because he dared question the Church.

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