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The Watchtower’s legal department took action against one of our friends and contributors on December 25, 2012 (Merry Christmas everybody!!!) for alleged copyright infringement involving an elders’ letter (BOE) dated October 1, 2012. That action on the Watchtower’s part resulted in this website being shutdown for parts of two days last week.

For that, I apologize. This site was offline for about 24 hours on January 3rd. We’re pleased to let you know that we were only down for just those few hours before we were able to restore service. This site was not damaged and none of its articles or features were lost or altered in any way.

Unfortunately, was only one of over 30 websites that were temporarily out of service. Actually the bulk of the affected sites were personal blogs owned by non-Witnesses and several business clients.  Other Jehovah’s Witness discussion sites lost service as well, including:

In addition to being the Editor and Webmaster of this site, I also act as primary webmaster for many of those sites and host them on a server I lease from a major commercial web services company. Therefore I am the responsible party for providing the best service possible, with minimum downtime, for all my clients and guests.

I could go on to explain what really happened, but John Cedars (editor of has put together an excellent video that describes exactly what happened and why. While the incident was inconvenient for me and my clients, in the long run it may prove to be far more problematic for the Watchtower.

Let John Cedars and his associates tell the whole story:

For more on this incident, please join the discussion at…


  1. Richard E. Kelly

    John, you and Cedars make a great team. Kudos to both of you. Telling it like it is and doing it well. I look forward to more acts of defiance, righteous indignation if you will.. .

  2. 2-10-2013

    You can still link to the BoE letter to an offsite location, such as

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