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Several support groups providing support and education services to former Jehovah’s Witnesses and their families have set aside July 26, 2014 as “Watchtower Victims Memorial Day.”

Bo Juel, a former Jehovah’s Witness (and himself a victim of the Watchtower’s cruel and unjust child abuse and pedophile protection policies), has been a leader in educating the public. Based in Norway, Bo has made his presence and feelings known by getting his message out throughout northern Europe and North America. Whether he appears on television or before local news reporters, he refuses to “pull his punches” and is very straightforward in describing his disgust with Watchtower leaders and policy makers.

Bo Juel

Bo Juel

Bo Juel is just one of dozens of former Jehovah’s Witnesses promoting “Watchtower Victims Memorial Day” as both a remembrance for those Jehovah’s Witnesses who suffered dearly due to their association with that religion, but also a celebration for those who have escaped and found freedom outside of the unholy and unrepentant Watchtower organization.

Bo was one of the founders of AAWA (Advocates Against Watchtower Abuses) and is an active member of their board of advisors. He sees that his being involved and supporting the goals of AAWA as another way he can get the real truth out about the Watchtower Society to the rest of the world.

After he introduced the special YouTube video he created to publicize the first ever “Memorial Day” event, Bo wrote on his Facebook page:

“This is the toughest video I have ever made. Its my contribution to the Watchtower Victims Memorial Day. Thank you for watching. If you like it feel free to share it.”

Bo Juel’s video…

While you are watching it, you will clearly understand why this must have been painful – and yet a labor of love for Bo. We proudly present it here for you to see for yourself. (Please remember that English is a second language for Bo…)

Please share Bo’s video with your friends and the companion video produced by AAWA that we’ve included in this article. For more information, visit to learn more about the Watchtower’s inhumane policies leading to ongoing child abuse, domestic abuse, blood transfusion deaths – even restrictions against higher education – and their truly evil shunning policy they use to keep Jehovah’s Witnesses trapped within an evil cult.

Link to “Watchtower Victims Memorial Day” Facebook page…


  1. 6-4-2014

    Very powerful article and video. Bo Jenson you are an inspiration. I hardly know how you bear the pain. I hardly know how we all do. Thank you and AAWA for your tireless work in letting people know what the WT does to children and what the WT does to families.

  2. 6-5-2014

    Tears are running down my face and I feel your pain. Your story and many others are the reason I post on face book and in Yahoo Answers in religion and spirituality to wake up those trapped in the cult.
    Babs Mason

  3. 6-5-2014

    Absolutely beautiful and heartbreaking. I’m glad you fund a second chance at family, although the loss of your daughter is so painful.

  4. 6-9-2014

    Thanks for sharing my video. It was a tough one to make, but now that it is done, I hope it will make people understand what “shunning” really means: families torn apart, children who do not see their parents etc.

  5. 1-13-2015

    Bo,thank you for sharing your video. It tough to make its also painful to watch as mother of 4 I feel your .shame on the wts shunning policy couse so much emotion pain to good peop

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