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The leaders of the Watchtower Society do their best to deny that their extreme shunning policy harms anyone. They describe it as simply a way to keep their organization “clean” and to keep “evildoers” and “fornicators” separated from faithful Jehovah’s Witnesses. Former Jehovah’s Witnesses (most who have not committed any “serious sin” but have simply disagreed with the Watchtower’s ever-changing teachings and predictions) know the truth about how enforced shunning divides and destroys families.

In the following video a young British school girl, just eleven years old, and her mum share their experiences and feelings about this subject. No longer Jehovah’s Witnesses, but still believing Christians, they know the real pain and frustration of having close family members not only avoid them, but also accuse them of “harming Jehovah” and “making Him sad.” Listen how they describe how young and impressionable children are being brainwashed into believing the very worst of their own close blood relatives.

This is a video you will want to share with your friends – especially those who have no idea how destructive the Watchtower’s extreme shunning policy really is. This is a video you won’t soon forget – nor should you.

Cora and Charlotte describe the effects of shunning…

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  1. 9-16-2014

    Very sad indeed. I appreciate how Marc n Cora are helping their children understand. My 16 year old daughter is undergoing shunning from her sister in law n niece. She has lost her best friend. You young ladies are going to be remarkable woman tho!! You will be balanced with discernment. Thank you for sharing your story.

  2. 9-18-2014

    Thank you John 🙂 xx

  3. 9-28-2014

    I can’t get the video to play….Any suggestions?

    • The Editor

      Brenda Lee: Sorry that I did not notice your question earlier. The video shown here is hosted here, so a simple click on the video should start or start it. I’ve tested it in Chrome and Firefox and IE 9 and it works fine with all. You might check to see if you have a current version of your browser or try a different version. You should also be able to find the video on Marc and Cora’s YouTube site.

  4. 2-3-2015

    Religion divides family is a cult

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