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It’s easy to get caught up in details, to spend too much time on meaningless projects, or just working to survive. Many of us never seem to have time to smell the roses, play with our dog, or walk along the beach.

Whether you believe in a superhuman creator or not, we all share the wonderful gift of life and the amazing space we live in. Do we ever just take a moment to look around and just be amazed?  Are we missing out on the true meaning and joy of being alive in this time and this place? Can we just enjoy our lives one day at a time?

Each day should be considered a blessing. We should cherish and enjoy all 24 hours by just soaking in our surroundings. Take a moment to look up, look out, and take a deep breath. Life is a great gift.

TEDxSF presents Louie Schwartzberg, founder of Blacklight Films and the producer of a wonderful short film called “Gratitude.” All I ask is that you take just ten minutes of your life and allow yourself the pleasure of enjoying this most wonderful presentation.  It’s very possible that you will want to change your lifestyle after seeing it. At the least you will have a greater appreciation for each and every day and the amazing world that surrounds us.

“Gratitude” – a film by Louie Schwartzberg

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