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Oregon resident David Shurtleff decided to clear his conscience, tell his personal story, and begin 2013 with a fresh start. So he made a video and put it up on YouTube so that the world could hear his confession.

I can assure you that Dave’s often tragic story is not that unusual. Thousands of former Jehovah’s Witnesses in the United States alone have had similar experiences and are still living through the trauma that comes with being true to themselves and exiting the religion. Unlike most former Witnesses, Dave decided to stop holding it inside and share his story of both pain and redemption.

Like most former Jehovah’s Witnesses, he admits that he wasted the prime years of his life chasing the Watchtower dream as an elder and publisher. He saw Watchtower doctrines changed, predictions fail, and control tightened during his years as a member. He explains how his family suffered greatly due to the Watchtower’s unbiblical and unbending use of “shunning” to punish those who want to leave.

There are many stories like Dave’s. As editor of this and other websites, I get dozens of emails and contact requests from former JWs looking for help and answers. They all have the same theme and the same plea: “Listen to my story. Find freedom for yourself!” Many, like Dave, just want to share their story with others – either to clear their own conscience, or to give others hope that leaving the Watchtower cult is not and will not be “the end of the world” for them.

Jehovah’s Witness elder clears his conscience . . .



  1. 1-18-2013

    Dave you are not alone. Hundreds of JWS are facing the same exact problem but some of them cannot leave this cult due to family boundigs or simply refused to be called apostates.They make it really hard to leave this cult. But I am sure this cult will come to an end very soon.

  2. 1-30-2013

    Dave thank you for sharing your story, you made my day. I been out for about 25 years. Marilyn’s (set up for failure) is a lot like what happen to me. I just started looking into this web. I see now I have not been the only one. My Mom, have made JWS her every thing. This year at the age of 60,I will not take any more punishment from JWS that means giving up my MOM. I been hated by JWS after they seen I did not give into them. I work, raised my 3 boys, have a loving home. My x-husband married, then join JWS and not only x- me, but the boys too. Thats all OK I have found true friends and family, like you, and many more. I am thankful that my boys learn by what they saw and felt, and did not become one of them. Dave I am so sorry about your sister and many more that have done the same because of this Cult. May you enjoy your mothers true love.

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