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John Cedars, contributor to this site and editor of, has just announced that a series of videos will be released in March 2013 that will provide answers to many important questions about the ongoing Conti lawsuit against the Watchtower.

I was pleased to assist by being one of the videographers involved in filming this important interview. ┬áMiss Conti’s mother, Kathleen, also operated a camera. John Cedars and his team will be producing and editing the final videos.

The original footage was filmed on Sunday, February 10, 2013 in Oakland, California, just blocks from the courthouse where the Conti case was heard by judge and jury. I can assure everyone that the submitted questions were excellent and to the point. Miss Conti and her attorney answered each question directly and truthfully – even when given the option to bypass a few that were perhaps too personal. They revealed many new facts and important details during the two-hour session.

Cedars has prepared a trailer that is now on YouTube announcing the released of this new series. I can assure all who have followed this case and anyone who is interested in the problem of child abuse within religious organizations – you will not want to miss any of these videos!

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  1. Richard E. Kelly

    John, kudos to you for all the time and work you put into making this video a reality. You are one of those unsung modern-day heroes who likes to work behind the scenes, helping others to fight injustice. You are the best. Love you bro.

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