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Let’s face it – without The Watchtower magazine this website would not be online. It would have no purpose. It would have absolutely no reason to exist. So thank you, Watchtower, for being who you are – so that we can be who we are!

We love those tiny little 16-page monthlies. The best thing that ever happened for us was the new going live last August. We live for the next issue of the Watchtower and Awake! magazines (and especially those wonderful PDF downloads). In fact, some of us can’t sleep at night without a Watchtower to read before bed. Some of our contributors simply can’t wait and have found a way to get copies in advance of their public release (see “New Light Watchtower…”). Since the magazines are dated three months in advance, it’s almost like getting the daily New York Times weeks before its front-page news actually happens.

The Watchtower has been published once or twice a month consistently since 1879. And, according to Watchtower leaders and Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide, “every word is the truth right from God’s word, the Bible.”

If you are like me, you probably have dozens of past issues and CDs full of archived copies – and yet have huge gaps in your collections.¬†With scholarly writers like C. T. Russell, J. F. Rutherford, Clayton Woodworth, Fred Franz, and a host of anonymous brothers (and yes, even a few sisters) preparing nearly 135 years worth of “food in due season,” how could we lack for “all things beneficial”? Having those missing books and magazines would be a great blessing to us all – not to mention future generations of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

“Are you kidding me?”

I for one would love for the Watchtower Society to put up reprints in PDF and JPEG reproductions of all of their classic books and magazines from the very earliest days. Wouldn’t it be wonderful for those of us who love to research and compare their ever truthful statements from long past to their current teachings? What an amazing gift that would be to all of us – both active Witnesses and those of us who have left “The Truth.”

Just think about how many of us who have fallen away and become confused in our thinking would finally have good reason (after comparing “the truths of the past” with current “new light”) to return to Jehovah’s “only earthly organization”? After all, we know that God’s Word never changes and “the truth will always be true.” There would just be more of it for us to enjoy!

I have always wondered why the Watchtower was so protective of their copyrights. If you want to spread God’s Word, wouldn’t you want everyone to publish it on their websites, make copies for their friends, and quote “sweet words of truth” liberally in their writings? Copyrights restrict distribution – not encourage it. And after all, the literature is freely given and no profit is ever made from its publication – so why the need for copyrights? How can you lose money on something you give away for free anyway?

The Society has prepared a rather neat video that reminds us of the long and glorious history of the Watchtower – and the fact that it has been published in many languages over its history. Let’s all congratulate them on their success and show proper gratitude for their giving us such a fine gift so “freely given.”

“No Other Magazine Comes Close. . .”


  1. 3-31-2013

    Wow…. this is great!!!! love the sarcasm without and I couldn’t agree more!!! Keep up the great work.. let’s get the real “truth” out there!!!

  2. Steph Le Gardener

    Ha! Free indeed. Nearly cost me my life. Great piece, John. Love the humor (or humour for our UK friends).

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