A Path Few Have Taken

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A Path Few Have Taken

It was November 1965 when, while still in my early twenties, I walked out of the Kingdom Hall as a disfellowshipped person.

Because I had come to disagree – quite strongly, in fact – with many of the teachings of the Watch Tower Society, I was summoned before a judicial committee to give an explanation for myself. They probed and questioned, and questioned me again. Surely this was all just to cover up some other wrong-doing, some immorality? No, it was not. It was simply what I said it was – my disagreement with Watch Tower teaching.

The Judicial Committee had to do something, but they were reluctant to disfellowship anyone for “not believing.” They did, however, have two other killer questions for me. Would I agree never to speak of these things with anyone else? And would I agree to break off all contact with a friend who had been disfellowshipped by another congregation?

I could not in good conscience agree to either of their demands.

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