My Path Out of the JW Cult

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My Path Out of the JW Cult

My parents were active in the Methodist church and they loved and trusted their minister.  The minister once told my dad to never listen to the Jehovah’s Witnesses because they were a “cult.” But Mom did not hear his warning.

In fact, Mom actually disagreed with their minister about which books of the Bible were authentic.  His opinion was that only two of the gospels were likely to be true.

Shortly after my brother was born, two Jehovah’s Witnesses came knocking at our door.  Mom asked them if they were the group who gave “free home bible studies.”  She started her indoctrination (studying) to be a Witness in 1974.

Dad was curious about what the JWs had to say, so he soon began talking to them. He was impressed with how quickly they could find scriptures in the Bible. When they challenged Dad to find where in the Bible it talks about people “burning in hell”  he searched but could not find anything.  After that he started listening to them and what they had to say.

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